Brand Strategy

Your brand must find a place to play and win.

Our strategy and brand idea will be based on the answers to these questions:

→ What motivates your audience?
→ What differentiates your brand from the competition?
→ What makes your brand credible?

What includes?
Meeting con project manager.
Presentation of ideas.
Brand report with initial creative paths.
Brand analysis: Keywords, public, brand offer, personality model, brand archetype, brand language, mission, vision, objectives.


At DG Estudio we have been working on Naming strategies for a long time. We help brands to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment in which products are similar, messages are repetitive and the user is saturated.

Each case is different, but we always have to keep in mind that the name of a brand must be:

→ Easy to pronounce
→ Easy to remember
→ With rhythm
→ Timeless
→ Differential
→ Positive

What includes?
Meeting with Marketing for creative presentation of initial ideas Final report with delivery of the new name.


Visual identity

There is no second chance for a good first impression.

The visual identity of your brand will define its appearance. An effective visual identity must be timeless enough to stand the test of time and flexible enough to be implemented in a wide variety of media.

When thinking about visual identity we must ask ourselves:
→ Will this be culturally relevant now and in the future?
→ Will this be attractive to our audience?
→ Is this distinguishable in our category?
→ Does this tell a positive story about your brand?

We conceptualize and develop a coherent and memorable visual system. We shape the previous strategy so that your brand has a visual language aligned with its narrative.

What includes?
Presentation of initial design concepts.
Brand Messaging Guidelines.
Brand assets: logo in all its versions, font files, color palette, original graphics (if applicable), implementation mockups, photography standards.
Identity Manual (PDF).

Web development

We create web pages oriented to the target audience. We develop attractive experiences so that your website is a place where the client wants to be.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important touch points for a business.

A successful web design:

→ Effectively expresses brand identity online
→ It is highly interactive
→ Create a positive user experience
→ Deliver content in an intuitive and engaging way

What includes?
WordPress website development.
Admin access.
Optional: e-commerce, e-learning, online chat, reservation system, customer login.
Optional: hosting service, domain purchase management and SSL activation.
Optional: hourly monthly web maintenance service.


content creation

At DG Estudio we help you create a personalized digital marketing strategy focused on the growth of your business' presence in networks, providing you with measurable results to make intelligent business decisions.

We provide you with a digital structure and a process-oriented strategy to expand your online presence.

What includes?
Social media action plan: keywords, audience, brand offering, personality model, brand archetype, brand language, mission, goals.
Social media strategy: username, bio, recommended posting time, hashtags, social media to use, content pillars, benchmarking, posting frequency.
Optional: Management and administration of social networks (quarterly service). Includes resource creation (arts, carousels, videos, stories), copy, scheduling, publishing, stakeholder management and response, lead collection.

Packaging experience

It's not just the inside that matters. The packaging of your product is key to stand out. And at DG Estudio we help you design it.

In such a saturated environment, it is essential to find packaging that attracts the attention of the right people. How did we do it?

→ We create unboxing experiences
→ We investigate the structure and materials
→ We give practical recommendations
→ We design structures and visuals

What includes?
Structure recommendations report.
Presentation of design concepts.
Print-ready art files.

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